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Welcome to Pelangi Balau Resort, Johor
The Pelangi Balau Resort, Johor is the true epiphany of tranquility and pristine comfort. Being at one with nature has never been perfectly realized. Boundless unspoiled sandy beaches, clear blue sea fringed with casuarinas faithfully accompanied by the gentle sea breeze, be awed by the infinite array of nature’s lush flora and fauna indefinitely making your stay a truly magical experience.
Attractions in Tanjung Balau
  • Relaxing atmosphere.
  • Beautiful buffet setting with swimming pool view.
  • Watch light sunrise at the jetty (3 mins walk from the resort).
  • Tanjung Balau Fishing Village (walking distance).
  • Nelayan Museum (Tanjung Balau Fisherman’s Museum) The only museum in Malaysia dedicated to fisherman.
  • Relaxing surroundings.
Hotel Pelangi, Muar, Johor
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